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As the leading bio-industry exchange and cooperation platform in the industry, Enmore Healthcare has held industry selection activities for seven consecutive years. To better promote the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry and explore the industry representatives and high-quality products that have made great contributions and led the industry in 2022, this Awards is specially launched.

The Collection of Company Mascots

During February 13-17, 2023, we will launch an online voting for the entries we received from fellow colleagues in the industry. In the eighth year of BIOCHINA2024(EBC), we will select the seven most popular mascots to team up with Xiaoyi and make a "Center-position debut" at the BIOCHINA2024(EBC) site!

Photography Competition

On the occasion of the BIOCHINA2024(EBC), we will create a platform for photographers representing the bio-industry to exchange and display their works, help everyone in the bio-industry to explore and freeze the wonderful moments in their work, and convey to the society the "pioneering, innovation, preciseness and romance" spirits of bio-industry people and the biomedical industry in their eyes. Now we are looking forward to the participation of fellow colleagues in the biomedical industry and collecting your photographic works at work.

Poster Presentation

Provide a platform for young enterprise researchers and scientific research scholars to display their innovative achievements, reserve their contact information, and strengthen cooperation and transformation.


Invite 33 magnates in the industry to brainstorm with the audience face to face to dive deeper in technical exchanges, and promote the development of the industry.

Center Stage

3.17 19:00-21:30

SMTS THU Biomedicine Alumni Association reception

3.18 20:00-22:00

Peking University Alumni Association reception

3.18 20:00-22:00

Western Alumni Association reception

3.18 20:00-22:00

Xiamen University Alumni Association reception

3.18 20:00-22:00

Nanjing University Alumni Association reception

3.19 12:00-13:00

DAS Capitcal reception

Famous Enterprise Recruitment Fair

50+ leading pharmaceutical companies openly recruit fresh graduates, promoting the introduction of talents in pharmaceutical companies, and helping more fresh graduates find jobs in the industry.

Charity Sale
Charity Sale

50+ charity sale bazaar for handcrafted works of patients with rare diseases and leukemia by CORD and "halfway dormitory" to help more patients.

Morning Jogging

3.18 07:00-08:00

Morning jogging around Baihua Jinji Lake

Breakfast Session

3.19 07:30-08:30

Breakfast Session of Innoforce

3.19 07:30-08:30

Breakfast Session of LePure Biotech

Lunch Session

3.18 12:00-13:00

Lunch Session of Duoning Biotechnology