At BIOCHINA2024(EBC), there will be more than 30,000 bio-industry practitioners from all functional departments of enterprises, covering all departments and ranks, from CEO to front-line business personnel. To promote business exchanges between enterprises, BIOCHINA2024(EBC) promotes online and offline appointments for project cooperation, supply and procurement linking, helping enterprises and suppliers reach more cooperation.

1-1 Meetings for BD

At BIOCHINA2024(EBC), there will be 2,000 CEOs or BD leaders from pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, capital institutions and related third-party institutions to jointly conduct online appointments in advance to improve the efficiency of offline meetings.

1-1 Meetings for Purchasing

At BIOCHINA2024(EBC), 1,000 procurement and supply chain functions from pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies will attend, who will initiate annual procurement requirements on behalf of enterprises or accept interviews with suppliers.

System Interface of Partnering System
Initiate an Appointment

Scan the"QR code"with WeChat Scan to enter the homepage of"2023 (8th) BIOCHINA(EBC)"WeChat;

Click the"Appointment"module and enter after completing the verification of the mobile phone number;

Search the name or company of the customer you want to exchange business cards with in the search box of the "Initiate Appointment" module, and finally click "Appointment" to fill in the relevant information and send it to the other party.

Handle Business Cards Received

Click "My Message" in the lower right corner to view the new invitation sent to me;

Click "Pending Appointment" to view the information of the initiator, and your information will be shared with the other party after you agree to the appointment. If you refuse, the other party will receive a rejection message.

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