BIOCHINA, organized by Enmore BIO, stands as a beacon of innovation in the biotechnology sector. Our annual event on March gathers 30k top minds from around the globe to share insights, foster partnerships, and drive progress in biotechnology. With a focus on healthcare, BIOCHINA is dedicated to harnessing the power of biotech to address the world's most critical challenges.


Our Mission

BIOCHINA aims to advance biotechnology by creating a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation. We bring together scientists, industry leaders, and policymakers to drive the future of biotech.

Our Vision

We envision a world where biotechnology solves pressing global issues, enhances quality of life, and promotes sustainable development. BIOCHINA is at the forefront of this transformation, providing a hub for groundbreaking research and industry advancements.

Event Overview


Our conference features keynote speeches from renowned scientists and industry experts from top tier biotech/pharma like Beigene, Henlius, TopAlliance,discuss on the latest trends,offering hands-on learning experiences, focusing on antibody drug, synthetic biology, cell therapy, gene therapy, etc.


The exhibition hall showcases cutting-edge technologies and innovations from leading biotech companies, including CDMOs like Wuxi Biologics, CROs, . Explore the latest products, services, and solutions that are shaping the future of the biotech industry.


BIOCHINA facilitates one-on-one partnering sessions, allowing attendees to form strategic alliances with entities such as drug discovery support and contract manufacturing organizations (CMO/CDMO), bio-related organizations, and foreign diplomatic missions. These sessions are designed to foster meaningful connections and drive innovation.

Why Attend BIOCHINA?

Empower Drug Licensing

Finding Pre-Clinical, Clinical, and Listed Drugs

Optimize Your supply chain

Connect with 500+ suppliers for instruments, devices,consumables, and reagents

Supercharge Product Promotion

Reach 3000+ Biotech in China

Access Funding Sources

Meeting Chinese investors /Finding Chinese high-potential project